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« on: October 18, 2012, 07:02:30 PM »
Whenever you get hundreds of people in one place (so to speak) there are going to be disagreements here and there. That's pretty much inescapable. Some folks get their noses bent outta joint cuz I'm a Christian and that automatically makes me some kinda "pompous", "goody two shoes" Anyone who knows me will tell you that I'm neither, but yeah; I do kinda run this group by Biblical principals. (betcha never thought that was comin' didja?  :o)  Ha Ha!

Matthew 18 (in the Bible) is what I like to use.  You don't have to go there, but what it says is that if anyone has a beef with another member, go to that member first (privately) and work it out.  If that don't work, "by one or by two" (in this case, it's usually going to be just one: me) In other words; tell me about it. ONLY after that, would the matter ever go to the "whole church" (which of course will never happen around here :) )

First, the person with whom you disagree.

Next, let me know about it.

and that's as far as it will go in this case, because I absolutely refuse to hang dirty laundry out for the world to see. If you want to whine about the "draconian rules" on SlideMeister, you'll have to do it from some other group (where its popular  ;)) cuz you won't  be here anymore to do it. ::)

All arguing on list will ever accomplish is getting the aggressor(s) in trouble. (as in: sanctioned, suspended or banned)  I don't even care whether the aggressor was right or wrong; arguing on line makes us all look like "low-life riff-raff" (and we're not) What do you think makes this place so special? Selah (that's a stodgy old bible term that means stop and carefully reflect) You never see that kinda stuff going on around here; and if you ever do, it'll mean we've compromised our principals, AND that's never gunna happen as long as I control all the important buttons.  ;D


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